AAEEWA is committed to community waste education and embeds effective waste management throughout all its projects, delivering education, demonstrating innovation, and modelling effective strategies and behaviours on our journey towards a waste free future. As an example, evaluation of our innovative waste management strategies at our annual Community Science Expo has demonstrated successful reductions in waste generation over the past eleven years.

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 Waste Education Resources

AAEEWA has developed a range of waste education resources under two community grants awarded by Keep Australia Beautiful and the Western Australian Waste Authority. These are available to schools and the community for education purposes.

Mobile Waste Education Project

AAEEWA partnered with the City of Cockburn in developing a mobile waste education trailer, supported by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account.

Waste Education Trailer

The waste education trailer was developed as a shared community resource to be used at events, community days, festivals, schools, celebrations, and shopping centres within the City of Cockburn to engage with local communities about the importance of reducing waste. It includes static and dynamic educational resources, including waste and recycling games aimed to educate the community about waste issues while still having fun. The trailer is held at the City of Cockburn. Please email the Waste Education Officer at the City of Cockburn customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au for details about borrowing the trailer.

Waste management principles addressed by this project:

Avoid | To avoid the creation of waste.
Re-use | To re-use an item for a new purpose.
Recycle | To efficiently recycle an item to produce new component parts for a new item.
Recover | To recover the energy from a product.
Dispose | To dispose of items in a responsible manner for the best environmental outcome.

Project outcomes achieved:

  • The development of a mobile waste education trailer.
  • The creation of sustainable partnerships between AAEEWA, local government and community organisations.
  • An increased awareness of resource recovery and the re-thinking of waste as a resource.
  • Education on a range of waste and recycling issues.
  • The sharing of knowledge, through education, that provides the catalyst for the expected behaviour change around waste.
  • The avoidance, recovery and recycling of various household waste items.
  • Leadership within community to achieve impacts, such as, providing the community with a voice for sustainable waste management into the future.

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Please email the Waste Education Officer at the City of Cockburn – customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au