Catchments, Corridors and Coasts (CCC) is a one-day, professional development for:

  • environmental educators
  • teachers, student teachers
  • sustainable schools initiative participants
  • local government – all levels of staff as well as Councillors
  • State government officers
  • international visitors
  • university and TAFE students
  • community groups and members
  • youth organisations.

The 2024 event will be held at Kings Park’s Education Green Room on Tuesday 20 August, 8.30am to 3.30pm. 

Places are always limited so it is advisable to book early.

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Each year CCC participants are taken on a journey, exploring environmental issues of importance to us all. Topics cover living sustainably and how each of us can make a difference. To find out more about what happens on CCC read the evaluation report below.

Catchments, Corridors and Coasts

2014 Evaluation Report

What goes on

Connecting Across the Catchment

The Catchments, Corridors & Coasts (CCC) program encourages participants and practitioners to engage in system thinking, recognising that every aspect of life occurs within a catchment. Sometimes in the upper catchment, sometimes in the corridor, sometimes at the coast and sometimes in all three.

Every action we take, either helpful or harmful, has an impact on the catchment as a whole. Just like water, Education for Sustainability (EfS) occurs everywhere… from the upper catchment, throughout the corridor and to the coast.

Education for Sustainability practitioners throughout your catchment are working to provide excellent learning opportunities and positive experiences connecting people with the environment and each other for a sustainable future.

This event will connect you with some of these practitioners to generate connections and create productive networks.

Catchments, Corridors and Coasts Proudly Sponsored by:

City of Cockburn

As a member of AAEEWA I am empowered to take transformative, whole systems thinking action to facilitate sustainability at home, locally, nationally and internationally.  AAEEWA brings me joy and hope for the future by being with like-minded, action-orientated, caring and understanding friends.

- Dr Elaine Lewis

Coolbinia Primary School