The Science Week Community Science Expo is held annually in National Science Week at the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC). 

In 2019, the theme was ‘Nature of Science’ which is how we strive to make sense of our natural world and adapt to changes in meaningful ways. The Expo explored how the union of science, maths, technology and ancient Aboriginal knowledge advances our understanding of local environments, climate, and human impacts on biodiversity. Click here for further information.

A children’s competition was run in conjunction with the Expo where Kindy – Year 6 children design a logo that was used on a banner to advertise the theme of the Expo. Click here for more details about the competition.

Each year participants and organisers are surveyed to obtain feedback about the event. Click here for more details about these surveys.


Canning River Eco Education Centre


August 2020

Further Information

2020 Flyer coming soon