Fostering education for
          a sustainable future



Air Quality The Perth Metropolitan area, like other major cities in Australia, has significant air quality problems. How can we improve our standards and lower our impact on the global greenhouse effects?
Biodiversity Western Australia has been recognised as one of the 'Hot Spots' in the world for its biodiversity. Sadly, this is under threat as we still hold the record for the most land clearing and for degradation from wind erosion and salinity.
Campsites Campsites are available throughout the State in a range of ecosystems. Some offer guided environmental education experiences and others provide wonderful sites for you to do your own thing.
Further Education For those who are considering a career in environmental fields, a range of available training options are available.
Coast Care Western Australians have always enjoyed their water playgrounds. Much of our coastline is now being developed for housing, which places pressure on our biodiversity and way of life as we learn to balance the two.
Cultural Many Western Australians are from other lands. It is important for all of us to learn about the significant impact we have had on the country. The land is integral to Aboriginal culture. There are many programs that offer to reconnect us with the spirit of our land.
Environmental Education Strategy The Australian Association for Environmental Education in Western Australia has had a significant role in shaping the Environmental Education Strategy in WA. Our members also contributed to the State Sustainability Strategy for Western Australia.
Salinity Dry land salinity is an escalating problem in our wheatbelt areas of Western Australian. This problem not only depletes our potential food bowl but also strikes at the heart of our farming communities and their way of life. Whole communities are watching the salt invasion take their livelihoods, homes and towns. The task of repair is complex.
Schools Schools have always demonstrated a willingness to tackle environmental issues. The web sites in the School Directory offer inspiration and opportunities to connect with schools close to you to help you get started and network ideas.
Waste Management The question of appropriate waste disposal and its effect on our unique environment raises a range of concerns for the community. As populations expand so does the amount of waste. We need to be innovative in waste reduction and recycling programs for our community, schools, industry and government.
Water Quality Water is one of our most precious resources. Community education is needed to develop an understanding of how to maximise and safeguard our water resources to meet the needs of our future communities.